Once upon a time and (seemingly) another lifetime ago, I started a site (this was before the term “blog”) called Planet Velvet. “Velvet” was my online persona and Planet Velvet was her world. Velvet was hipper, sexier, and more outgoing than I was in real-life and she certainly had more fun. Velvet was an It Girl but she wasn’t above sharing her secrets with anyone who wanted to know. If Las Vegas (my hometown that inspired Planet Velvet) had had a social hierarchy (which, I suppose, it did in a way), Velvet would have been the Queen of it.

In real life I was simply a party girl who was looking for a way to share her life with the rest of the world. You have to remember that this was the infancy of reality TV (which, while growing in popularity, was mostly looked down upon by anyone beyond the MTV demographic) and before everybody and their mother (literally) was a blogger. When I told people what I did, they looked at me like a freak. Of course, they also frowned upon my online dating attempts (again, before Match.com and eHarmony). They thought I was insane. And maybe I was.

But I did it (produced my site and online dated) anyway. I updated it with fashion and beauty tips, the hottest of the Vegas hot spots, and whatever else tickled my fancy. But, unfortunately, the lifespan of a party girl – even a virtual one – is tragically short. And there finally came a time when I was forced to decided to do something “meaningful” with my life.

So I packed up my life and moved to L.A. to go get some super higher learning (read: three miserable, yet exhilarating, years of law school). I tried to keep Planet Velvet alive by reworking it into a Los Angeles edition called Planet Velvet: Los Angeles. But as it turns out, I hate Los Angeles, and I couldn’t bring myself to write a single thing positive about living life in L.A. (even though there were a few positive things). Instead I shut Planet Velvet down and buried the dream.

I finished school, got married and moved to Phoenix. Once there, I took a “grown up” job (not in the legal field) and kept myself busy. Or at least I tried. I have to admit that as much as I enjoyed the job, it left me a lot of down time. When I punched out at 5, I went home without a care in the world. I never really took much home with me (at least not in the beginning), which was a good thing, but it meant I needed to find a hobby or something to fill my nights and weekends. It wasn’t long before I birthed another blog (the term was mainstream by now) called “Beauty In The Wasteland.” I named it such because I felt like I lived in a wasteland. Although I loved my home out in the suburbs of Phoenix, the first few years there were a little rough for me. I felt out of place. There was no buzz. Nowhere to shine. And everyone kind of looked and acted the same. I definitely wasn’t in Vegas anymore.

It was a time of adjustment physically, mentally and spiritually. During the days of Beauty In The Wasteland I wrote from a lonely place even though what I wrote about attempted to be upbeat and fun. I was homesick and frustrated and it came through in every character. The blog was a charade and I nearly gave up again on the idea of writing publicly.

I had a breakthrough somewhere along the way and realized that no matter what was (or wasn’t) going on around me, I still had to be me. It didn’t matter if every woman at my local Target had the same highlights in her blonde hair and wore the same flip-flops, jeans, and blousy top (it was like the Arizona version of The Stepford Wives).  I was going to be comfortable being me. So I killed Beauty In The Wasteland and started (once again) a new blog called From Tuesday With Love.

From Planet Velvet until now, the concept has always been the same: to bring my readers a glimpse into my fabulous life (and it is, mostly, pretty fabulous). But this time it’s me being authentic. I’m not hiding behind a persona (what you see is what you get) and it comes from a place that I love and from a person that I love.
My life (though fabulous) is crazy: I now maintain two residences in two states, both in the suburbs, usually working from wherever I can pick up Wi-Fi (I was forced to change jobs several years ago – which was the best blessing in disguise ever!). It’s not glamorous (although everyone seems to think it is…I PROMISE it is not) but it’s challenging (in a good way). And although I live in a world of cookie-cutter, my life is anything but boring. No, I’m not a party girl anymore. These days, I like to think of myself as a chic adventurer whose life is full of awesome treasures. And those treasures are what I am so excited to share with you. From Tuesday With Love is a compilation of all the things I love brought to you in a way that exudes fabulousness. It’s the notes of a cosmopolitan, suburban jetsetter brought to with all the love I have in my heart. I hope that you enjoy.

With Love,
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